R/T Bed

R/T Bed

Reel Transport by DewEze

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The RT Bed is an efficient, self-loading reel lift designed to load and transport utility wire or fiber cable without the need for a trailer. Simply lift and load innerduct reels, hand holes, frame poles and more utilizing this one-man operation. Streamline your operation and save time spent hauling reels from yard to jobsite with limited trailer mobility.

A workshop on wheels, the DewEze Reel Transport Bed helps you do more with less, facing the work day head-on. Engineered with heavy-duty steel construction and trouble-free performance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing DewEze beds are backed by superior service. Building beds that last and hold their value, that’s durability.

Patented Parallel Squeeze

Reaching anywhere from 28 to 53 inches, this is the only parallel squeeze bed on the market.

Hydraulic Kits

The only flatbed to exclusively feature a clutch pump kit manufactured in house, DewEze hydraulic systems run independent of your truck’s transmission. The kit components are designed for your truck’s horsepower requirements.

3100LB Lift Capacity

The DewEze Reel Transport bed is equipped with a pair of risers, lift bar and dual lift cylinders, designed for easy loading and unloading, up to 3,100 lbs.

Rear Hydraulic Couplers

Powered by a DewEze hydraulic system, the R/T bed offers easy access to the rear couplers for moving or operating hydraulic equipment and tool circuits.

Dummy Arms

To assist with hauling needs, the R/T bed includes dummy arms that are assembled with tie down hooks. While the lift bar is not in use, the dummy arms align with the bed arms to create side rails on the perimeter of the deck.

Wireless Remote

Change the way you work in the field with the DewEze wireless remote. Complete any task with ease from the comfort of your cab, regardless of the weather.


All DewEze Flatbeds are finished by applying Gatorhyde lining to the deck surface. This polyurethane coating creates a corrosion-resistant surface, designed to withstand treacherous weather and built to last.


The R/T Flatbed is equipped with a 40,000lb recessed gooseneck ball which includes an adjustable hitch placement. A receiver hitch and D-rings complete the package to assist with all hauling needs.

LED Lights

High-quality LED lights transform your bed’s style and lighting performance. You won’t miss sharp light beams glowing from the headache rack, side clearance and tail/brake lights.



Keep your equipment organized and safe with a toolbox made from the same heavy steel construction. The across-the-bed toolbox spans 21” from front to back, and 78” long. The underbelly toolbox completes your storage needs with a step and rubber mat.

Light Kit

Fixed Position Light Brackets or Pivoting Light Brackets lead the way during after-hour tasks. Control the Pivot Light Kit to illuminate anywhere you want to feed, or keep it flush with the headache rack when not in use.

Synchronized Squeeze

Get a move on with the synchronized squeeze feature. Both arms open and close at the same time, getting your work finished in less time.

Spec Table

Model 676 684 688 776 784 788
Rear Wheels Single Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual
Dimensions 7'1"x8'11" 7'9"x9'8" 7'9"x11'10" 8'x8'11" 8'x9'8" 8'x11'10"
Cab-to-Axle 56-58" 60" 84" 56-58" 60" 84"
Truck Brand All All All All All All
Weight (lbs) 2120 2420 2670 2195 2420 2670
Set-up Code Box Removal Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis Box Removal Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis

(All) truck brands referenced include Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet.

*Each bed has a lift capacity of 3,100 lbs., a 10 gallon reservoir, a 2-year warranty on the flatbed, and a 1-year warranty on the hydraulic and electrical system.

DewEze Durability

We build our beds to go the distance. Should something go wrong, rest easy knowing your R/T bed is covered by a two-year worry-free warranty, and one-year hydraulics warranty.

2 Year Warranty