Standard Flatbed

Standard Flatbed

Flatbeds by DewEze

Get the most out of your truck with the versatility, convenience, and durability of the DewEze Standard Flatbed.

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DewEze flatbeds have proven incredibly durable over decades of use. With heavy-duty steel construction, full-view louvered headache racks, sealed and rubber-mounted lights, and gooseneck wells with flush covers, you can be confident you're buying the best flatbed on the road or in the field.

Heavy Duty Construction

While we’ve learned a few tricks since our first beds rolled off the production line in 1984, one trait has defined DewEze from the beginning - DURABILITY. DewEze beds forge ahead, no matter the size of the job or severity of the weather.

Full View Headache Rack

Full coverage for extra protection of rear glass. All steel construction with a black paint finish.

Gooseneck Ball

The 1000 Series Flatbed is equipped with a 40,000lb recessed gooseneck ball which includes an adjustable hitch placement. A receiver hitch and D-rings complete the package to assist with all hauling needs.


Nothing compares to the slip-resistant surface lined to protect your bed for decades. Bonded to the steel to provide corrosion-resistant protection, its unique coating looks and feels great, too.

LED Lights

High-quality LED lights improve your bed's styling and lighting performance over stock tail light assemblies. You'll notice a sharper, more focused LED light beam in the headache rack, side clearance and tail/brake lights.



Keep your equipment organized and safe with a toolbox made from the same heavy steel construction. The across-the-bed toolbox spans 21” from front to back, and 78” long. The underbelly toolbox completes your storage needs with a step and rubber mat.

Swing Light Kit

Fixed Position Light Brackets or Pivoting Light Brackets lead the way during after-hour tasks. Control the Pivot Light Kit to illuminate anywhere you want to feed, or keep it flush with the headache rack when not in use.

Spec Table

Model 1670 1670B 1671 1671B 1676 1676B 1679 1679B 1684 1684B 1688 1688B 1770 1770B 1776 1776B 1784 1784B 1788 1788B
Rear Wheels Single Single Single Single Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual
Dimensions 7'1"x6'8" 7'1"x7'1" 7'1"x8'5" 7'1"x9'2" 7'9"x9'2" 7'9"x11'4" 8'x6'8" 8'x8.5' 8'x9'2" 8'x11'4"
Cab-to-Axle 32-36" 36" 56-58" 60" 60" 84" 32-36" 56-58" 60" 84"
Truck Brand All Ford All Ford/Dodge All All All All All All
Weight (lbs) 1110 1100 1130 1120 1220 1210 1310 1300 1510 1500 1760 1750 1110 1100 1320 1310 1510 1500 1760 1750
Set-up Code Box Removal Box Removal Box Removal Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis Box Removal Box Removal Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis

(B) Beveled Flatbed Model (rear end)

(All) truck brands referenced include Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet.

*Each bed has a transport capacity of 3,100 lbs., and 2-year warranty on the flatbed.

DewEze Durability

DewEze Beds consistently return the industry’s best resale value because of their durable and reliable steel construction. A bed built to outlast the truck you put them on, also backed by a two-year warranty.

2 Year Warranty
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