Bale Hugger by DewEze

For those who want DewEze's legendary strength and durability in a front end loader bale-handling attachment, there's the DewEze 165. DewEze universal fit bale huggers can be attached to almost all front end loaders and feature DewEze's patented parallel squeeze technology. Whether you've got a skid steer or skid steer-attach front end loader, the DewEze 165's universal brackets can adjust to fit almost any design, and the bale hugger arms securely grasp the sides or ends of your bales.

Bale Hugger

Deweze makes the only parallel squeeze bale hugger on the market, renowned for its strength and durability.

Universal front-end loader design

Universal brackets on the DewEze 165 Bale Hugger adjusts to fit almost any front-end loader design.

Spec Table

Model 165-I 165-TL 165-SS
Weight 475 lbs. 425 lbs. 480 lbs.
Arms Open 86" 86" 86"
Arms Closed 53" 53" 53"
Arms Closed with Spinners 45" 45" 45"
Attachment 3-point Cat. 2 Front-end loader Universal brackets Skid Steer attach
Squeeze Cylinder Standard Standard Standard
Spinner Optional Optional Optional
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year