Bale Loaders by DewEze

Efficiency meets versatility. Turn your flatbed into a rugged bale loader. The 660 gives you the power to load and unload bales at the touch of a button.

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Quickly convert your truck bed into a seasonal tool for handling and feeding large round bales with this bolt-on system by DewEze. The parallel squeeze technology cuts down on choring time, staying level with the ground while unrolling. Haul up to two bales at a time, saving trips between pastures.

Power, precision feeding and flexibility - that’s DewEze.


Engineered for those needing to haul a trailer without dismounting.


Load and unload bales in the palm of your hand, without leaving the cab.

2 bales

Turn any flatbed into a big bale loader with the DewEze 660.

Spec Table

DewEze 660
Weight 800 lbs.
Width Arms Closed: 59", Arms Open: 92"
Length 68"
Lifting Capacity 2,200 lbs.
Construction Heavy-duty 6" square tubing and 3" x 4" parallel squeeze arms. Every pivot point has replaceable steel bushings.
Lift Cylinder One (1) 3.5" x 29"
Squeeze Cylinder One (1) 2" x 34"
Power Source 12-Volt electric pump kit
Warranty One full year
Options Risers (pair), Spinners (pair, for unrolling bales), Lift Bar