DewEze® Announces Winner of the #DewEzeDreamJob Promotion

HARPER, Kan - DewEze, the leading manufacturer of innovative hay handling equipment, is proud to announce two winners of their August #DewEzeDreamJob promotion. Applications from creators across multiple platforms were received and after narrowing down the candidates twice, a decision remained difficult to make. With so many great applicants, it's no surprise that choosing only one would be a challenge. DewEze decided to expand their promotion and selected two talented individuals to represent their brand on social media platforms.

Regan Streeks

Regan Streeks

Regan Streeks, also known as The Best Looking Cattleman on TikTok, is a young cattleman hailing from Harrisburg, Nebraska. He has a passion for engaging with people and discussing their operations. Regan has many years of experience working with a bale bed, and he is excited to get his first DewEze. He is always eager to share his knowledge and experience, and he is a great example of a young and enthusiastic member of the cattle industry.

Regan visited Harper Industries on November 7th for his installation and a factory tour. He has already started posting DewEze content, his bed unveiling video received over 20k views on TikTok. Regan will also join DewEze for a guest appearance at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky in February 2024.

Brandi Buzzard

Brandi Buzzard

Brandi Buzzard is a multi-talented individual from Greeley, Kan. Her professional endeavors include being a self-employed rancher, public speaker, consultant, freelancer, and a content creator focused on agriculture and ranching. With her rodeo background and experiences while running the family ranch, Brandi understands the importance of having a DewEze bed for her livestock. With her expertise and experience, she is sure to provide valuable insights on the world of agriculture and ranching with a DewEze.

Brandi will visit the factory in early December for her bed installation and factory tour. Follow Brandi on her ranching journey with a DewEze on her Buzzard's Beat Facebook page, or on Instagram.

The winners will receive a prize package, including a new DewEze bed, totaling over $25,000.


DewEze Announces Search for Director of Relations Dream Job

HARPER, Kan. - DewEze, the leading manufacturer of innovative hay handling equipment, is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for a content creator and cattle industry connoisseur. The bale bed manufacturer is searching for an exceptional influencer to fill the coveted role of Director of DewEze Relations, whose primary responsibility will be to promote and showcase the remarkable features of DewEze Bale Beds, now more than 25,000 beds strong.

As the cattle industry and technological solutions advance, DewEze recognizes the need to partner with a passionate and knowledgeable #agvocate who can effectively communicate and connect with the agricultural community. The ideal candidate for this dream job will possess a deep understanding of the market, exceptional communication skills, and a talent for leveraging social media platforms to engage and inform audiences.

Responsibilities for the Director of DewEze Relations will include:

  • Collaborate with the DewEze marketing team to create and implement a comprehensive social media strategy to effectively promote DewEze Bale Bed products and features.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with farmers, ranchers, and industry experts to enhance brand visibility and credibility.
  • Generate engaging content such as videos, blog posts, and graphics to highlight the unique benefits of DewEze products.
  • Identify and create content based on social media trending topics.
  • Serve as a knowledgeable resource and support related to DewEze Bale Bed products and applications.

Drew Gerber, Vice President of Product, expressed his enthusiasm for the unique opportunity to join the DewEze team in this influencer/consulting role:

“If you're a storyteller, passionate about telling food's story from farm to fork, then this dream job is designed for you!” Gerber said. “The ideal candidate does not necessarily need to be a current DewEze customer, however; we would just consider that to a be a bonus.”

Details about the Director of DewEze Relations Dream Job:

  • Must be 21 years or older to apply.
  • In this part-time, remote consulting role, the director would be expected to work up to 10 hrs/wk.
  • Sign a contract to commit to a one-year, part-time position starting 10/1/23 through 09/30/2024.
  • Maintain active social media accounts (special consideration given to applicants with a large ag-following audience on Instagram and TikTok).
  • Follow DewEze social media accounts.
  • The pay: DewEze swag + monthly base pay + bonus for event appearances + DewEze Bale Bed. A total package value up to $25,000.

Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications here, including a video resume outlining qualifications and why they believe they are the ideal fit for this dream job. Applications will be accepted through 08/31/2023. Shortlisted candidates will be called for a final interview. Interviews will take place the week of September 5th. The selected applicant will be announced 09/23/23.