600 - 700 Series Parallel Squeeze

Bale Bed by DewEze

For over three decades DewEze Bale Beds have proven their durability and trouble-free performance in livestock operations across the United States. The DewEze industry-leading Parallel Squeeze, coupled with features like wireless remote and two-year warranties, make the 600 - 700 Series the top product in the bale bed category. Simple maintenance done once a year keeps you up and going throughout the feeding season. You won't find this level of innovation, value and durability in anything but a DewEze!

600 - 700 Series Parallel Squeeze
Squeeze Parallel

The only parallel squeeze bale hugger on the market, with a grip capacity of 41 to 90 inches.

16 inch spinner

Built to handle the heaviest lifting jobs, the spinners are sequenced with the arms to always move parallel to the bale.

Gooseneck Hitch

The 40,000 lb. recessed gooseneck ball with an adjustable hitch placement is optimized for ultra-heavy duty trailering applications. A receiver hitch and D-rings complete the package to assist with all hauling needs.

DewEze Hydraulics

DewEze Hydraulic Clutch Pump Kits run independent of your truck’s transmission, giving you instant, mobile hydraulic power with the flip of a switch.

DewEze Hydraulics Warranty

We build our beds to go the distance. Should something go wrong, rest easy knowing your Parallel Squeeze bed is covered by a two-year, worry-free warranty, and one-year hydraulics warranty.


Change the way you work in the field with the DewEze wireless remote. Complete any task with ease from the comfort of your cab, or the great outdoors, regardless of the weather.


Nothing compares to the slip-resistant surface lined to protect your bed for decades. Bonded to the steel to provide corrosion-resistant protection, its unique coating looks and feels great, too.

LED Lights

High-quality LED lights are located within the headache rack, side clearance, and tail/brake lights, increasing efficiency and extending the life of the lights.

3100 lb capacity

All 600/700 Series bale beds include dual lift cylinders with a lift capacity of 3,100 lbs. Both the cylinders and tailboard are removable for servicing.

Dual Couplers

Move or operate rear-mounted hydraulic equipment by simply tapping into DewEze’s fittings.

Dummy Arms

These side rails provide both looks and functionality with the built-in tie-down hooks, ideal for long hauls.


Now extending an additional 20 inches, the XRM places bales in round feeders or stacks bales in a row with ease.


Keep your equipment organized and safe with a toolbox made from the same heavy steel construction. The across-the-bed toolbox spans 21” from front to back, and 78” long. The underbelly toolbox completes your storage needs with a step and rubber mat.

Swing Light Kit

Fixed Position Light Brackets or Pivoting Light Brackets lead the way during after-hour tasks. Control the Pivot Light Kit to illuminate anywhere you want to feed.

Lift Bar

Combine the lifting power of both loading arms for hauling miscellaneous projects around the farm.

Synchronized Squeeze

Get your chores finished faster with the synchronized squeeze feature. Both arms open and close at the same time, hitting the hay dead center every time.

12 inch Spinner

Offers a tighter, more focused grip on the center of the bale, unrolling closer to the core. Spanning just a foot, these patented spinners conveniently store in your toolbox when not in use.

Spec Table

Model 670 675 676 677 679 682 684 687 688
Rear Wheels Single Single Single Single Single Dual Dual Dual Dual
Dimensions 7'1"x7'2" 7'1"x8'6" 7'1"x8'11" 7'1"x9'4" 7'1"x9'8" 7'9"x9'4" 7'9"x9'8" 7'9"x11'6" 7'9"x11'10"
Truck Model All Short Bed All Long Bed Varies with make '99 & Newer '07 & Newer '99 & Newer '07 & Newer '99 & Newer '07 & Newer
Cab-to-Axle 40" 56" 56" 60" 60" 60" 60" 84" 84"
Truck Brand All All All*** Ford Dodge Ford All Ford / Chevy All
Weight (lbs) 2020 2070 2120 2170 2220 2270 2420 2540 2670
Set-up Code Box Removal Box Removal Box Removal Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis
Model 770 776 778 782 784 787 788
Rear Wheels Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual
Dimensions 8'x7'2" 8'x8'11" 8'x8'6" 8'x9'4" 8'x9'8" 8'x11'6" 8'x11'10"
Truck Model Shortbox Varies with make All Long Bed F-450 & F-550 4500 & 5500 F-450 & F-550 4500 & 5500
Cab-to-Axle 40" 56" 56" 60" 60" 84" 84"
Truck Brand All All*** All Ford All Ford All
Weight (lbs) 2070 2195 2120 2270 2420 2540 2670
Set-up Code Box Removal Box Removal Box Removal Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis Cab & Chassis

(All) truck brands referenced include Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet.

*Each bed has a lift capacity of 3,100 lbs., a 10 gallon reservoir, a 2-year warranty on the flatbed, and a 1-year warranty on the hydraulic and electrical system.

**Any Dual Wheel Cab Chassis truck '98 and older will need a 682 or 687 model depending on the cab-to-axle measurement.

***Ford 2017+, Chevy 2011+, Dodge 2014+ for 2500 and 3500