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Super Slicer 2

Round Bale Processor







The DewEze Super Slicer II offers a reliable one-man operation for increased productivity. Over 15 years of field testing know-how is your guarantee to efficient feeding, even through the worst winter conditions. The Super Slicer II is able to slice through wet, frozen, or tight bales with minimum waste and full bale feeding control.

Adjustable sickle, 3 to 6 inches, with newly patented stub nose guards

One Spot easy string removal

Two hydraulic orbit motors with two manual adjusted flow controls

Three Chain drive for maximum feeding

Feeds the entire bale

Lifts, loads, transports, and feeds from your tractor or pickup in one operation

Self loading with double bale capacity

Uniform feeding without leaf loss

Available as stationary unit for mixing/grinding

All hydraulic operation or optional PTO drive

Frame: 8" Structural Channel

Axle Capacity: 7000 Pounds

Pickup Lift Cylinder: 4"  x  18"

Width: Transport - 8' 6"      Working - 9' 10"

Height: 9'

Weight: 2,620 lbs

Tires: 8 ply, 11L x 15

Tires Track Width: 89.5"

Min. Hydraulic Requirements: Dual Tractor Hydraulic Outlets

Slats: 2" Channel

Cutter Bar: Full length "over Register" Equipped with cut off stub on snub guards

Cutter Bar Length: 72"

Parking Jack: Standard

Hydraulic Motors*: Drivers Sickle and Slats

Flow Controls: For variable speed of sickle and slats

Options: *540 PTO Drive / * Stationary Unit, Idea for processing hay into tub grinders or field choppers

Interested in rebaling? The Super Slicer II is the perfect machine for turning your big round bales into more profitable small square bales. For the best results, simply pull a square baler right up to the opening. If you dont have an offset baler, you can slice the hay onto the ground and bale it up from there. This is absolutely the simplest and most effective method of rebaling availble.

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