Committed to quality Turf, Ag, and OEM Hydraulic products

Harper industries is a diverse, values-based,  manufacturing company who builds quality products that meet the growing needs in the fields of agriculture, landscaping, sports turf management, hydraulics, and much more.  We build durable, brand name products such as DewEze flatbeds, DewEze hydraulics, and industrial hillside slope mowers.  In addition, Harper Industries produces landscaping machines such as self-propelled Turf Vacuums, straw blowers, and chipper shredders.  We have a well-stocked and comprehensive parts supply as well as a knowledgeable and friendly team eager to meet the needs of our valued customers.  Our engineering team is constantly looking at cutting edge information to continually update our products to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.


Our Vision

          -Be the preferred provider of products, technology and solutions for all customers in the market we serve.


Our Values

          -People are our greatest strength and our number one asset.

          -Spiritual development and service.

          -Promote value and dignity of each other.


          -Strive for excellence in all we do.

          -Demonstrate integrity in all relationships.

          -Do everything to promote safety in our workplace and in the operation of the equipment we produce.

          -Enjoyment of work.

          -Financial integrity and stability.


A History of Harper Industries

In July 1998, Harper Industries, Inc. (HII), a group formed by the management team, purchased the assets of DewEze Manufacturing. DewEze Manufacturing was founded in the early 1970’s by an entrepreneur who was looking for a market for a machine he had designed to move small square bales. With the arrival of the large round bale in 1976, DewEze produced a pickup-mounted unit that could move two round bales at once. The hydraulic systems used in the bale moving technology were also sold for commercial uses such as aerial lifts, wreckers, dump bodies and snow removal equipment.


In 1984, the DewEze Flatbed, a hay bed for pickups, was introduced at the Kansas State Fair. Its style and rugged features were well received by cattlemen everywhere.


1986, was an expansion year for DewEze. Engineers ventured into the turf arena, introducing an innovative, two-wheeled, self-leveling mower. The machine featured dual floating decks and was capable of mowing all types of terrain, including hillsides, crowns & v ditches that other machines could not handle.

Some features of the MC-70 and MC-144 were redesigned in 1992 into the ATM 72, a very popular 72” diesel all-terrain mower.  At that time, DewEze added the ATM (All-Terrain Mower) trademark.


Since the formation of HII in 1998, the company had grown significantly, almost doubling the number of employees to 90 and building three additions to the plant, bringing the total square feet of the manufacturing, warehouse and office space under one roof to nearly 120,000. HII continues to expand its product lines, both through internal growth and external acquisitions.


November 2001, HII purchased certain assets of Goossen Industries, Beatrice, NE, from the Toro Corporation. The Goossen line is made up of high-quality turf and landscaping products.


In July of 2003, HII entered into a marketing agreement with ETESIA, a French manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, to distribute our ATM mowers in the European Community.


HII bought into Horsch Anderson in South Dakota, an agriculture manufacturer of Horsch products in 2007.

Shortly after in October of 2010, Horsch North America was formed by a partnership between HII and Horsch GmbH. Horsch tillage and seeding equipment has since began to be produced at the HII facilities.


During the summer of 2013 HII introduced their newest bale bed series, the Pivot Squeeze. By May of 2014 production on all models of the Pivot Squeeze were in full swing.


Currently the company focuses on three market areas

          -Agricultural equipment

          -Hydraulic power systems

          -Turf Equipment

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